so what makes this time so special?

To be honest, I’ve been here before. The internet highway is littered with the carcasses of my abandoned blogs. Some have been about weight loss, others about my secret angsts. Few have garnered any attention, and none have earned my commitment.

So why start again?

I dunno, maybe I feel special this time? Maybe it’s the idea of actually using my own name, my own personality. I don’t have a BIG THEME to discuss, or laundry to air. I’m not going to talk about my job, or my sweetheart (unless it’s funny and kind). Sure, I’ll complain, but not about anyone who could read this now or in ten years and be hurt or offended by it

So yeah, you can get in now, while the getting is good. You can watch a life unfold on the digital frontier. The best part of going back to school was always getting shiny new school supplies. I love fresh notebooks and smooth paper. On my first visit to France I spent all of my souvenir money on notebooks and graph paper and school agendas. On my last visit to France I had to physically remove myself from the basement of the Bon Marche before I spent $100 on notecards. The point is a blog is like a fresh notebook every day. I can’t stay away.

So why Bananalog Girl? Well, I wanted to be Analog Girl, but that wasn’t available. So I made an adjustment. It’s kind of catchy, don’t you think?


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