happy birthday bacon

Today is Kevin Bacon’s 51st birthday. I don’t have a lot of feelings about Mr. Bacon one way or another, though when I can’t sleep sometimes I play the Six Degrees game to try to quiet my mind. I’ll pick someone obscure and try to connect them back to Bacon in as few moves as possible.

In the summer of 1985 some neighbor kids and I pretty much watched Footloose every day. I never had a crush on Ren (Bacon’s character), but I loved the dancing. I loved the idea of standing up to John Lithgow and using his very own Bible against him. It was heady stuff for my young mind. And of course there was the soundtrack, led by hit maker* extraordinaire, Kenny Loggins. The songs were best showcased in the dance montages, a personal favorite being the solo fight dance in the barn. Legendary.

Kevin Bacon gets ready for his montage.

Kevin Bacon gets ready for his montage.

I’m not sure the world needs a remake of Footloose, but it’s scheduled for release in 2010.

*Note: the spell check changed the words hit maker to hot cake.  I can’t stop laughing at the phrase hot cake extraordinaire, Kenny Loggins.


3 thoughts on “happy birthday bacon

  1. Not too much of a fan of Mr. Bacon and his wife. She lit into my daughter at her wedding reception – followed her into the ladies room to rant and rave.

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