touch my big head

In the shower this morning I couldn’t stop thinking about phrenology, the 19th century “science” of skull study. Basically, people believed different parts of the brain had specific functions, and that the skull formed around them accordingly. So different bumps, nodes, etc. on a person’s skull could tell you if they were good at math or compassionate, or if you were likely to commit murder. The Victorians loved their phrenology and relied on personal practitioners as one might consult a therapist today. The practice went in and out of fashion internationally for over 100 years, starting around 1809.

I suppose it’s no different than astrology, though I don’t find the metaphors as appealing. Still, anything that provides insight is beneficial.  I just checked and my #18 quadrant, which signifies wonder, is quite pronounced.  Concentrativeness, not so much.

Where's the awesome section?

Where's the awesome section?


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