here comes a regular

Bob, Tommy, Chris, and Paul.
Bob, Tommy, Chris, and Paul.

As far as bands are concerned, the Replacements are my Beatles. My alpha and omega. They wrote the very best songs and left the most longing in my heart, in my guts. They are deeply personal to me on so many levels, but I have to say if you don’t own a Replacements album you need to buy one now.  Let it Be and Tim are good places to start.

I only got to see them live once, in 1991 – I was 17. No Bob Stinson or Chris Mars, yet I’d take half the original Replacements over an entire band pretty much any day of the week. I’m not even sure why I started writing this post because there’s way too much to say and too many feelings to untangle when it comes to their music. They’ve been my soundtrack through the past 20+ years – while I’ve changed their music has been constant. It’s been my lullaby, my wake-up call, my consolation prize. The Replacements have saved my life more than once, and I’m sure they will again.



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