I’m often inspired by Danielle LaPorte’s website, White Hot Truth. She’s an unapologetically ballsy woman who isn’t afraid to be self-actualized, or self-fulfilled, two things I strive to be. Her writing is honest and clear and positive, so I always leave her blog feeling like I can take on the world (or at least tackle one of my issues).

A recent post of hers discusses the idea that we know how we want to feel, but then we start feeling guilty for wanting to feel that way. We think maybe we don’t deserve it, or that it’s wrong to crave things above our “station.” This post really speaks to me, because I so often talk myself out of what I truly want, what I want to accomplish, and I stop myself from becoming the person I want to be (and know I am).

So for today, we should all follow Danielle LaPorte’s advice: “Enough with feeling guilty for wanting to feel the way you want to feel. Follow your desired emotion. Don’t analyze it too deeply. Just let it roll and rumble a bit. It may be there to humble you, expand you, heal, surprise or reinvent you. Anywhere it leads, it’s there for a divine reason.”

Good luck, and have a wonderful day.


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