taking names.

Today is one of those days…sort of cosmic how it’s worked out. I am feeling super productive, and that’s despite some obstacles. Or maybe because of them? Let’s backtrack:

Saturday afternoon I felt the twinge in my back. After six+ weeks of horrible back pain earlier this year, I needed no other warning to tell me that I’d messed something up again. Maybe it was lifting the laundry basket incorrectly. Maybe it was bending too fast. Who knows? But I have a 5k this Sunday and a major road trip in a week, and any sort of back injury is going to majorly eff up those plans.

I immediately went into survival mode. Tons of stretching, hot showers, and oodles of positive thoughts (hell, if the Secret can bring people money, it should be a breeze to heal my back). Saturday night I woke up twice in agonizing pain because my back had seized up, but after some walking on Sunday and a ton of stretching (and more happy thoughts) I felt that maybe I was on the mend.

Last night I went to bed at 9:15 – I was exhausted and I had an early start this morning, dropping my car off for an oil change. I probably drifted off around 11:00 p.m., the mantra “my back is healed, my spine is strong” running through my mind. And then I woke up at 11:55 p.m., then again at 12:55 a.m., 1:55 a.m., 3:54 a.m., and finally at 5:00 a.m. When I wasn’t fully awake, I was only partially asleep, drifting in and out, but always thinking about my back.

And this morning my back DOES feel better, nearly healed. It’s tender, but I’m continuing to stretch, and I’ve booked a massage to keep things on the upswing. Still, I have to wonder if it was the stretching or the happy thoughts that helped it heal faster. Just to be on the safe side, send some my way, would you?

So despite the random back pain and the serious lack of sleep, I’m getting project work done today, which feels great. It’s been awhile since I’ve felt accomplished, and I forgot how good it feels. Now I just need a good night’s rest and a fully-healed back. Then maybe I’ll be able to pull off these shorts:

Dig the piping.

Dig the piping.


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