just don’t eat.

I’ve been working really hard (okay, maybe not THAT hard, but pretty hard) at losing weight over the past few weeks. I have seen some success, but the older I get the more difficult it is to drop pounds.

Jason just sent me today’s Mental Floss update, which had this tidbit: Slumber Party Barbie of 1965 came with your very own “How to Lose Weight” book. One of the tips included was “don’t eat.” I suppose that would work, but it makes me cranky. For now I’m just relying on old fashioned portion control and exercise, with a healthy dose of Miracle Noodles. I’ve tried pretty much every plan out there, and nothing works for very long – then again, I’ve never tried the special diet for fat stomachs and thick waistlines.

Perhaps one of these diets might hold the key to my weight loss success?

Why struggle with portion control when I can try the dehydration diet for girls who love sweets?



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