up north.

We spent last weekend with Jason’s family up in Door County. It rained most of the weekend, so our adventure was fairly soggy. Still, the autumn colors were extraordinary and Jason and I were able to get some time outdoors despite the weather. I could post a million pictures of the same vista, but I think it might get a bit old. So I’ll post a few for now and maybe revisit the trip later.


It was so nice to get a little sun after the storms we drove up in. We took advantage of the break in Saturday's weather and explored a bike path in Peninsula State Park.


Eagle Panorama at Peninsula State Park, taken on a very foggy Saturday morning.


I think this one is from Sunday - also at Peninsula State Park, only this time it was rainy so Jason & I did our exploring in the car.


The view of Fish Creek from Peninsula State Park.


Is it wrong that this is the sort of personal memorial I long for? Not the bench per se, but to be referred to as crabby?


Jason's sister and I both wore our flannel pjs all weekend. Friday night I had a few too many vodka lemonades, which is why I look so very happy in this picture.


One thought on “up north.

  1. you look totally adorable and I’m insanely jealous of the pjs! Bring those to our cooking weekend – they will be our uniforms! Obviously, I’ll get my own. We won’t split the set. What’s with JT being shy? Also, we’ll finally upload my pics of you from Austin.

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