dammit janet

It’s the Friday before Halloween, so people are dressed up and passing around candy at work. Halloween has never really been my thing – I never felt part of the costume community. I only remember a couple of costumes as a kid, though I’m sure I dressed up every year through fifth or sixth grade. My last childhood Halloween was a last-minute thing where I combined my mom’s childhood cowboy boots, a punk wig, and some sort of flannel shirt. I know I was a clown (totally against my will) one year, because while the costume faded away, the giant blue foam bow tie stuck around for years.

My freshman year of college I went as a KU janitor – I borrowed a workshirt from the facilities closet. It was a gorgeous shade of poop brown! A bunch of us saw Dazed and Confused at Liberty Hall, then went to the midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Union. Let me be upfront about this right now: I hate the Rocky Horror Picture Show. And if I remember correctly, I fell asleep on the floor because I was so tired, so bored, and probably so something else, too. 

I spent the rest of the ’90s working in music, so on any given Halloween night I would most likely be at a show. I did go as Cartman one year, to the Southern Culture on the Skids show at the Bottleneck. My homemade Beefcake t-shirt was awesome, and I wore a red winter coat Calvin Johnson had given me in trade for an orange sweater. How’s that for indie-rock name dropping?

Anyway, these days Jason and I live in a security building downtown, so there are no kids trick-or-treating. My best friends have kids dressing up for Halloween, but they live three hours away. Our one concession this year is a mini jack o’ lantern.


Jason's mom bought us this lil pumpkin up in Door County. What's scarier - my artistic skills or my photography skills?

Halloween does bring one great joy this year – the annual turning back of the clock. An extra hour of sleep! Now that’s a real treat (sorry, sorry, sorry).


3 thoughts on “dammit janet

  1. ANOTHER thing we have in COMMON…I too HATE the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Stupid. Truly. AND I fell asleep, along with my friend Nick, at the show in LONDON…where you would think it was rocking….I felt somewhat scared for us given what the people were wearing in line…and with the boredom, we both fell asleep and were mocked by our friends who knew the words, moves, “songs” “dances” etc. Give me the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown for Halloween. And some Reeses.

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