v for very much a nerd

I’ll admit it – I am somewhat of a sci fi (not to be confused with syfy) nerd.  I grew up in the first era of Star Wars, and am proud to say I had the Death Star at an early age. Yes, I had Barbies, too, not that the two worlds ever interacted. Something to do with proportions, I guess – Barbie is so much bigger than Boba Fett, and it just didn’t seem right for them to play together. I guess I still have the proportion issue to this day, which is why you’ll never see any toddlers at my world-famous dinner parties.

While I no longer play with action figures or Barbies, I still have love for the sci fi genre in my heart. I read all the Harry Potter books and have seen all the movies, and I’ve planned my own Lord of the Rings, Alien, and Star Wars movie marathons. And I probably got a little too happy when I saw the trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar over the weekend.

But what I’m really excited about premieres tomorrow night – the updated, reimagined telling of the landmark miniseries, then series, V.


Oooh, Diana, you fork-tongued bitch!

When V was on in the ’80s, my brother and I forced my parents to watch it every week. I remember it being coupled with the A-Team (currently undergoing a re-imagining for the silver screen) which may or may not be accurate. I also remember us eating KFC ; you can only imagine what a party those Thursday nights were  two hours of amazing television coupled with a bucket of chicken. Marty was always a fan of the chocolate Little Bucket Parfaits, but not me.  I was all about the original recipe dark meat and some tasty biscuits and gravy.

Years later, I bought the two V miniseries as well as the short-lived series on DVD. And yes, I’ve watched them, albeit without the joy of KFC as it’s banned in our household along with all things that contain partially hydrogenated oils. 
But back to the new V I’ll admit, I haven’t geeked out and read much about it as I prefer to be surprised (which is truly unlike me). I know that the basic premise is the same, which means aliens come to earth pretending to be our friends (and looking falsely human-ish) but they’re truly cold-blooded lizards who want to take over the planet. In this incarnation the Visitors have cured many human illnesses, and infiltrated human society in stages, making their coup all the easier. 

The first time around Beastmaster Marc Singer led the resistance to send the Visitors home. This time Lost veteran Elizabeth Mitchell plays Erica Evans, a FBI agent who smells something fishy. To make matters more complicated, her son has been recruited as a spy. Oh, and head lizard Diana is now called Anna.

new v

The cast of ABC's V.

ABC intends to air four episodes of V in November, then return to the series in March 2010. I’m really, really not a fan of splitting up seasons, but I’m sure this show is expensive to produce and I’ve heard the writers have been sent back to the drawing board more than once for upcoming episodes. Perhaps ABC wants to see how the show does during November sweeps before committing to a full 13 or 26 episode order.  V premieres Tuesday, November 3 (7:00 p.m., CST) on ABC.


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