thanks, princess leia.

Carrie Fisher posted this quote on her Twitter page yesterday: “There’s no room for demons when you’re self-possessed.”

There are a couple of ways to take this, but I prefer the high road. When I was driving last Friday I had a sort of BIG MOVIE MOMENT with a blue sky, a Coke, and an ill-gotten Camel Light I found in the car (I know, I know, but really, one doesn’t have BIG MOVIE MOMENTS without the occasional cigarette). Anyway, Kenny Loggins’ seminal classic “This is It” came on the radio and as I was gliding down the highway I had an entire chorus of epiphanies echoing along with the lyrics. Then, no fucking joke, I looked in the sky and saw a rainbow.

So, back to Carrie Fisher’s quote. I like to think when one is self-actualized, self-possessed, whatever, that there isn’t room for the demons or agonies of the past. Because life is too full of plans and action and belief and love. I know what you’re thinking “was she smoking one of those funny cigarettes?” but no, I wasn’t. I was high on Loggins and the beautiful day and the sudden realization of my own potential.


Did Loggins bring the rainbow, or vice versa? Sort of a chicken and egg quandry. And no, I didn't take this picture.

Completely unrelated: last summer I wrote a post celebrating the Marine Corps and I got some flak because while I posted on the anniversary of the creation of the Marine Corps (by an Act of Congress), today is the actual 234th birthday of the Marines. So let me take this chance again to thank our Marines (in particular my cousin David and everyone in 2nd Battalion 5th Marine Regiment, currently off the coast of Japan). Ooorah!


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