question of the day.

What do you wish you could get someone else to do for you?

For me, that list changes from day-to-day, but with blizzards and whiteouts coming this week I think it’d be nice to have a chauffeur to drive me to and from work while I relaxed. I’ve never made any bones about wanting a housekeeper. I am not good at cleaning, and I don’t really enjoy it. I’d happily pay a pro to make my kitchen sparkle.

I think there are other things in life it’d be nice to have a stand-in for, too. Like going to the DMV or the bank. Anywhere I’d have to wait on line amongst the hoi polloi. Also, functions where small talk and chit chat are required. My stand-in could attend the event, and I could nap or read or do whatever and get the scoop later.

Ideally I’m looking for someone who will work for pennies as a combination personal assistant/understudy. Someone who can take back my library books and put gas in the car and clean the tub, and also sub for me during webinars, conference calls, and any required HR training event. Maybe I should post an ad on Craigslist.


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