one of those days.

Today’s drive into work took 40 minutes instead of the usual 15. But I found a great parking spot and got into the building and was at my desk early. Then I looked at my Outlook calendar and realized I had a doctor’s appointment at 8:15. On the other side of town.

45 minutes later I was sitting in deadlocked traffic two miles away from my office and 20 years away from my appointment. After getting the runaround and making multiple phone calls (what did we DO before cell phones?) I was able to reschedule my appointment for next week. But, I still had to get out of traffic. Oh, and I had to pee. Desperately.

My best option was to just go home, which I did, then return to work. It took me over 90 minutes to go less than ten miles roundtrip today. Maybe if I lived in LA this would be acceptable. In Madison, not so much.

And a billion other little things happened once I got back to work, like noticing a (few) water stains on my shirt. WTF? It was too dim in my closet this morning to see them, I guess. And I may have an impromptu meeting with some important work-type people today, so I’d really make a dazzling impression. My internet-diagnosed strep throat has simmered down to a headcold, which is just irritating. So I’m on edge today and crabbier than usual. And so it goes….

One bright side – I stopped and got gas on the way back to work. Honestly, that’s the highlight of my day thus far – taking care of an errand without going out of my way. It’s going to have to do for now.


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