st. jude.

We live in a beautiful world. Life is an amazing gift, and there is so much beauty around us. There is also a lot of sorrow. When you hear that a child has a serious illness, it’s sort of like a clock stopping. You think of the kid and his parents and family and their fear and their bravery and your heart catches in your chest.

Chance, genetics, bad luck. There’s no answer. I cannot think of anything less fair than a child suffering. I cannot begin to fathom how it would feel if my child were sick. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen a friend – when you find out their little boy is ill you want, and need to help. You need them to know they have your love, your prayers, your support in this world.

I’m not a neighbor who can stop by with banana bread or a lasagna. I can’t offer to clean the house or run errands or share a glass bottle of wine and let Mom and Dad vent because sometimes life is just so fucking unfair, if that’s what they need to do.

But I can send my support, and I ask everyone I know to put their prayers and positive thoughts into the world for a little boy named Jack who is going to be just fine, but who has a tough road ahead of him.

I’m not trying to claim some sort of badge for this. A friend from high school has a sick child. I’ve never met him, and I don’t pretend that I hurt like his family and friends hurt. But someone I care about needs as much strength as she can get her hands on right now, and for the next three years. I guess by writing this I hope I’m helping in some small way.


One thought on “st. jude.

  1. goose bumps. And trust me, God and I will be having discussions about what happens sometimes when he goes for a smoke break and leaves someone else with the playbook…

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