box seat.

My love for Charley Harper is no secret. Jason is awesome and surprised me with this print for Christmas. He even had it framed!

Because I am his bunny.

I think this piece is so clever and whimsical. We hung it so it’s visible from the bed. It makes me smile every morning when I wake up.

And if the Charley Harper print isn’t sweet enough and you’re really interested in choking on the cute, check out this other rabbit-related item Jason gave me for Christmas:

Yes, I collect snow globes, though I think this is the best one ever. I'm going to have to get pretty selective about what joins the collection from this point forward.

 It’s almost too much, isn’t it? But not quite.


5 thoughts on “box seat.

  1. It is ridiculously sweet and I even had a tinge of “AW, why didn’t my man do that for me?” Isn’t that awful? You two are fantastic. Love it!

    I got a “Hey, you get to go to Victoria Secret and pick out a new bra” gift. Then he added stipulations: “It has to be sexy, yet functional, white, black or red. NO NUDE OR BABY ASS BLUE. You have a budget of $60. Go.”

    • Katy – you guys have three kids. I’m pretty sure snowglobes go out the window with the first baby. Also, isn’t a foundation garment shopping trip also a gift of alone time? Hmm? 🙂

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