i love a jaunty visor.

Every time I drive by a certain chain bagel establishment, I think to myself “why don’t I ever go there? I love bagels!” Then I go to said establishment and I remember why I never go there: the employees are high and/or unbelievably stupid. And they take forever. Have I ever mentioned how much I loathe lollygagging?

Anyway, today the counter guy asked me if I wanted my bagel sandwich cut “like a sandwich.” No, I’d like it cut with a cookie cutter. Or perhaps sliced like a stick of butter. WTF? I am baffled. I won’t even go into the white guy with the world’s thickest dreads, though I do think you’d admire the shiny beads threaded through some of his locks, and the jaunty bagel establishment visor perched atop his head, because there is no way anything smaller than a plastic grocery bag is fitting over his head. No way, no how.


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