nuggets and walken.

Is it wrong I find this so funny? From

“A Toledo woman, who allegedly put her fist through a fast-food drive-through window after being told her order couldn’t be filled, appeared in court Saturday on a felony vandalism charge.
Melodi Dushane, 24, of 1332 Felt St. became “upset that chicken nuggets weren’t available” and “punched out the drive-through window,” according to Toledo police.”

Also, earlier this week Roger Ebert Tweeted a painting of Christopher Walken in his basement robot workshop. I’ve seen Brandon Bird’s Law & Order: SVU Valentine’s Day cards before, but a lot of his older stuff is hilarious and still relevant to my behind-the-times mind.

Is art imitating life here? This painting is called Lazy Sunday Afternoon. I guess it's from 2004. So I'm late to the party. Eh.

The artist also has a Nicolas Cage Adventure Set that looks pretty amazing. And Jerry Seinfeld with nunchuks? Amazing.


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