joyful wednesday.

My friend Katy posted a happiness is… list yesterday. I’ve felt pretty complain-y lately with all the minor crap going on in my life, so I thought I’d follow her lead and think of five things that have made me smile this week.

*My Kindle. I can take hundreds of books with me anywhere and I only have to carry one small device. It’s been a year and I love my Kindle more every day. Unlimited access to reading material is my kind of bliss.

*French cough drops. Oh sure, I can buy Ricola here. But the last time I was in Paris was the last time I had a really horrible cold, and I stocked up on Ricola Argousier lozenges. For whatever reason, I have decided they are better than the domestic version of Ricola I can buy at Walgreens. Plus, they come in a chic little box and I feel sophisticated, even though I’m hacking up a lung.

*Cake Wrecks

I look at this cake wreck pretty much every single day. And it never fails to make me laugh out loud.

*Being a (faux) redhead. I had my hair colored a couple of weeks ago and I’m so glad I did. I love the deep red color. Maybe I’ll post a picture some day when my face isn’t chapped from blowing my nose every ten seconds. Oh, and when my body isn’t crooked and leaning to the left because of some mysterious pull/tear/slippage in my back. Seriously, I am lopsided. It’s sad, but more than that it’s hilarious.

*The countdown. I don’t think anyone is ever happy about getting laid off, but I’m pretty excited to start the next stage of my life. I’ve got eight more days on the job. During one of those days I’ll be enjoying a 3.5 hour interview for a different job, the only one I’ve applied for since I found out I was losing my current position. This interview will be the third of four rounds, and honestly I will be happy no matter what happens. I’m just excited to head in a new direction.


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