more happy.

Last Wednesday I wrote a little post about things that make me happy. Since life is still a little meh lately, I thought it’d be a good idea to start the week off with a count of more good things and remind myself of the small delights that make each day better.
  • Flannel pajamas. They’re like wearing a hug.
  • Quilts. Yes, maybe there’s a tactile thing going on here. But I love the way it feels when I run my hand over the smooth, soft cotton of a quilt that’s been washed a hundred times.
  • The Gilmore Girls. I spent some time this weekend curled up in my flannel pjs, snug under flannel sheets and a cozy quilt, immersed in Stars Hollow. Sappy and sentimental, yes. But since I’ve felt so sick and fragile lately going to a small town where everyone is clever and has good intentions and good taste fills me with a sense of calm.

This Columbia sweater. I got one last week and it's the softest, warmest, most comfortable sweater in the world. Perfect for lounging around in when flannel pjs just aren't appropriate.


  • Battlestar Galactica. Jason and I watched the entire series over the past few months, and I really enjoyed it. The story was complex and layered and the production values were great. We’ll check out Caprica when it premieres on Syfy, but I don’t hold the same hopes. Plus, it won’t have the fun of counting how many times Edward James Olmos hits his head or pounds a drink in an episode.
  • In the Loop. I love it when a movie makes me feel smart just for watching it. And the profanity was top-notch.

Um, I guess most of what’s made me happy over the past few days has to deal with being warm/sleeping or entertainment. That’s expected when recovering from a looooong cold and a bad back, right? I have a feeling there will be more variety as this week (my last week at my current job) comes to a close and the shroud of gloom slowly lifts. Until then, I’ll be snug and warm, clicking away with the remote control. 

And yes, everything on this sign also makes me happy.


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