First off, I hate the stigma of being laid off. People look at you with a sad face, all concerned. Let me just make this clear: I HATE MY JOB. I am not unhappy about losing it. It only takes one hand to count the people at my present workplace whom I will miss. Also, I am not destitute. Sure, I’m a crappy saver and not the best with money, but I do have a nest egg. And unemployment. There’s also a COBRA supplement which will make my health insurance only slightly more expensive than what I pay now. So while the situation isn’t the greatest, it’s also not the worst. As of Friday morning I am liberated from a corporate cage and be free…at least until my next job starts.

So that’s the second thing. I’m  one of two finalists for a new position. The only job I’ve applied for since learning I was losing my current gig. I have mixed feelings about this opportunity. It offers great pay and benefits, security and stability, and I think the work would be challenging and engaging. BUT! It’s another corporate job. I’d be moving from a green apple to a red apple. And I have reservations about symbolic apples now.

Moving to another position right away means I can’t succumb to my inherent lazy nature. I want to take some time and clean out my closet (something that can only be done on weekdays that aren’t vacation days or holidays, fyi), see a few movies, lounge around in my pjs, maybe not shower for a day or two. I want to eat ice cream for lunch and watch bad TV while Jason is at work. After a week or two of indulgence, I want to give my ideas wings, develop endeavors with my partner, and see what blooms.

I like to imagine I'll spend my free time smelling roses and decorating with them. I have a very good imagination. I think we all know I'll be napping.

I know the right thing to do. It’s to snag a good, solid job as quickly as possible AND build up a new endeavor AND clean out my closet on a Saturday. And that’s probably what I will do. But I won’t stop daydreaming about early retirement or Golden Girls marathons. So I’m resigned to accept whatever happens and go with the flow. I can’t wait to make a new plan, set a new schedule, and work out some lengthy new lists. Job or no job, I know I will be great in 2010.

Yesterday's Cake Wreck is a total prophecy.


6 thoughts on “work.

  1. Good luck with your next endeavor, whether it be a corporate gig or not. And, I have lived your dream day of ice cream for lunch, naps and awful television … It was right after my kids were born. Maybe that should be your next adventure?! Hahaha. Enjoy your time off, and I will be wishing you all of the best. P.S. I too love the Golden Girls!

  2. after a few months of your “dream job” I am ready to go insane. Maybe if it were during the summer. Hoping I get a job soon. I don;t care how they look at me- I care about my bank account dwindling… Good luck in the new job- or not. Good to know that either way it will be ok.

    • I know. It’s just a fantasy to be a rich retiree. A girl can dream…
      And good luck to you, too. I’m sure I’d be singing a far different tune with kids and a mortgage.

  3. Good luck to you!! My husband got laid off in October and is still looking. It is a great time to enjoy some time off. I had 6 months off about 2 years ago and it was the best thing I could have done for myself!!! I know it can be a bit stressful but be sure to take a few days to stay in your pjs, have ice cream for lunch and figure out your routine for daytime tv. I have to say People’s Court is most entertaining! My theory is everything happens for a reason and something better will come along, do what makes you happy!! Best of Luck.

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