get ready, get set…now lounge.

While Friday was my official last day of employment, both the WI Department of Workforce Development and I consider today my first official day of unemployment. And what a barn burner it is! I awoke at 6:00 a.m., then again at 7:00 a.m., and finally got up around 8:00 a.m. After some pretty strenuous online banking, I did some stretches and showered. Now I’m pondering what to make for breakfast. Later today I have a lunch date with a friend and later still a dinner date with friends. It’s a pretty rough life.

After I turned in my laptop and badge last Friday I went to Trader Joe’s to stock up. I took a cue from my friend Annette and bought a couple of bouquets of flowers to add some cheer and color to the apartment. The orange roses are so vibrant and so fairy-tale like they bring a huge smile to my face every time I see them. I even cut a few and put them in the bedroom. Tres romantic, no?

I don't think this photo does the flowers justice, but I'm no Ansel Adams, so what were you expecting?

Today’s biggest quandary involves the best way to run errands. I need to go to the bank and the post office, and this morning I realized there’s both a post office and a bank branch within walking distance of my home (and each other). But I don’t wanna walk! Of course I’ve had the internal debate about living downtown and all the reasons I need to soak up urban life and walking-distance-conveniences, not to mention it’s actually nice enough outside to go outside….my poor apple cart is just so upset. Because my inherent laziness took charge once I got the “you’re getting laid off” letter from my former employer.

So yeah, that’s my struggle today. It’s no crisis in Haiti, but it’s enough for now. Tomorrow is Jason’s birthday and after that I can start dealing with the real world. Until then I’ll just look at my flowers and pretend my biggest problem is the logistics of running errands on foot. It’s a nice world.


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