sweets and meat.

Oh, how I love meat. Steaks, bacon, pork chops, and mmmm chicken. I am a carnivore through and through. I’m pretty picky about some things, gross things like walnuts or pecans, but give me a plate of headcheese and I’m in heaven. I like the offal and beef tongue and bone marrow. I love everything any charcuterie offers. I’m not squeamish about animals at all and I have no omnivore guilt.

Still, being a meat lover is a problem. It’s not good for my heart or my belly or my pocketbook. So I’m giving up meat for Lent. Because I’m not crazy we’ll still eat fish and seafood, and I think we’re going to allow chicken or turkey for one meal a week. But that’s it. I need to get this meat fixation out of my system. And Jason feels the same way about sweets (not that I’m an innocent in the dessert department, having eaten chocolate chip cookie dough for breakfast today – hey, in my defense I was making cookies to send Jason’s dad), so we’re giving up sweets for Lent, too.

Starting next Wednesday I will unbearable for a while. No meat, no sweets, for 40 days. I really don’t wanna do it. But that’s precisely why I have to – I think it’s important to sacrifice a little bit to remember just how good one has it. So this weekend I may have to go on a red meat/chocolate binge, but I’m looking forward to the challenge of given up two pleasures if only to prove to myself I can do it. But the Easter Bunny may want to pack up a basket of assorted meat delicacies for me this year, because I have a feeling by the time April rolls around I’m going to have an absolute blood lust.


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