fat tuesday.

In Ireland Fat Tuesday is known as Pancake Tuesday because pancakes were a good way to use up your fatty, rich ingredients before Lent began. It’s also International Pancake Day and the women of Liberal, KS will be competing against the women of Olney, England in the pancake races. Women in the two towns run a set course while flipping pancakes in a frying pan. I tried to learn more but the website is overloaded. Go figure.

I have put on a few extra pounds lately – around five. Not good. I don’t have room for extra weight – good Lord, next thing you know they’ll be Kevin Smithing me on a plane. I think giving up meat and sweets during Lent will be an effective way to steer me back to a more healthful eating plan. I was doing so well until October – then Annette and I went to ACL, then it was my birthday, then it was Thanksgiving, then it was Christmas…there’s always a reason to put off eating right. So after many, many consecutive Fat Tuesdays, today is the last one for a while. And I’m seriously craving pancakes.

Now all I need is some bacon and life will be complete.


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