play nice.

If I hear about one more natural disaster or murderer or molester on the loose, I think my head will fly off. When coupled with the war and poverty and every other tragedy in the world, things can seem bleak lately.

So what can you do? I want to focus on the good. First off, I’m going to compliment strangers this week. Nothing creepy or salacious, but when it’s organic I’m going to say something kind. Someone randomly complimented a friend of mine last week and it made her day. I want to make someone’s day.

Secondly, I’m going to seek out more good news. Do you remember Jason McElwain? He’s the kid who scored 20 points in four minutes during his first and final high school basketball game a few years ago. Most of the shots were perfect three-pointers, swift and clean. Jason’s achievements are a big(ger) deal because Jason had never played basketball before – as the team manager he worked the bench. And he is autistic. Last night Steve Hartman caught up with Jason and found he’s still living his dream, working as an assistant coach for his alma mater.

If you want some goosebumps and maybe even a good cry, watch the original story about Jason. And play nice.


2 thoughts on “play nice.

  1. Right on the nose. It pains me to say this about another insurance company, but I love the Liberty Mutual ads about pass it along kindness. There is too little in this tough world.

  2. My words to the girls this morning as they went out the door were- Be Kind to Each Other. They are heading to Des Moines on pep buses for the girls state Basketball tournament and I always want them to have the other one to depend on when they are out of town without me. And sometimes, they are so snarky to each other at home that I forget in public they usually are kind. A good reminder for us all. And that story made me cry.

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