twirl 3/3.

So, this week I really love…me. Seriously. I’m so pleased with myself today, and it’s rare I’m this self-accepting so I’m going to run with it.

Thus far this week I’ve:
+ crossed off everything on my to-do list

+earned 100% on my macroeconomics homework – and it was turned in two days early!

+hooked up the new printer without any glitches

+made a kick ass dinner last night

+actually made some progress on the much-discussed (and much visualized) closet clean-out project

…and took care of a bunch of little things that just needed to be done. The best part? Today is only Wednesday. I’m on a roll.

Yep. At least I do this week.


3 thoughts on “twirl 3/3.

  1. Are you my sister? Cause that kinda list making, organizing, etc…that is pretty much like my Mom. Oh wait, you got 100% on macroeconomics and it was turned in early? Nope. Not how us Knebel girls roll. We still like you though…

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