twirl 3/8.

This week I really, really love the recognition The Hurt Locker received at last night’s Oscars. Jason and I saw the movie at Sundance last summer and it was riveting and disturbing and scary and felt so real. It’s been over six months but the movie continues to resonate and color the way I view the war in Iraq.

Over time I think I’ve been desensitized to the news and coverage of our wars, global terrorism and bombings. When I think of the Middle East it’s primarily images of sand and gray and blood and loss that come to mind, but nothing cohesive. The Hurt Locker forced me to look at the war, and the people affected by it, and see their lives and jobs for what they are: real.

The movie is devoid of politics and posturing. It just tells a story and lets the viewer understand for a few moments what it must feel like to live in a world that could explode at any moment.

The Hurt Locker grossed less than 1% of Avatar's take at the box office. Do yourself a favor and see it immediately.


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