Recently my friend Lauren wrote about dealing with the passage of time while unemployed. I couldn’t agree more. I’m not unhappy about my jobless situation – it’s allowing me to create a new life for myself. But developing a routine is an adjustment for me. Days tend to run together without the regularity of logging into a corporate network and things just sort of get hazy. I suppose there’s good and bad in this.

I’ve never been one to live in the moment. I make lists of lists and I’m habitually 15 minutes early. But now there are days where I have no where I *must* be and no real sense of urgency. So I allow my hours to meld together and often end up feeling like I’m drowning.

Lauren pointed out that it’s easy to slip into doing nothing because you can do anything whenever you want when you don’t have to punch in at work. I think it’s almost like having too many TV channels; I flip and flip, afraid I may miss what I really want to watch, and usually end up with nothing. There are days I’m so worried I should be spending my time in a more productive manner I just end up wasting it.

So my challenge for next week is to create a solid routine. Despite my joblessness, it seems I’ve got more obligations than ever before: a new business to develop,articles to write, and assignments to hand in, not to mention an apartment to clean, meals to plan and make, and laundry to wash and fold. No more time grazing for me, I suppose. I’ll live in the moment when I’m retired from unemployment.

If I can't discipline myself into a workable routine, Plan B is to get a Hammond Organ.


2 thoughts on “routine.

  1. Time is the great equalizer. A beginning and end, be it life, decade, year, job, relationship, project, thought. One can try to control time, in the end, time itself is all powerful. We are left to manage rather than control, which while sounding the same, is quite different. Time is defined by itself, we are left to manage how long we attempt to accomplish. Staying on task gives the illusion of control of time and is enough.

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