common sense.

So much of making our lives better is just doing the stuff we already know we’re supposed to do. Exercise, eat right, get enough sleep. Plan but be flexible, be cautious but don’t worry too much.  Use self-control. Accept the things you cannot control. Love and be loved. Believe in something. Believe in yourself.  Be accountable. Treat your body and your brain and your world with respect.

I also think you should listen to music, read books, make and/or look at beautiful things, travel whenever and wherever you can, and figure out a healthy way to express yourself. Oh, and be on time!

None of these ideas are revolutionary or insane, and i agree with all of them. So why is it so hard to pull this stuff off? (Well, I can pull some of them off consistently. I’m always on time.)

This manifesto from Keri Smith definitely strikes a chord with me.


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