As you may recall, I gave up meats and sweets over the Lenten season. While I didn’t see any weight loss thanks to the experiment, it was a good lesson in deprivation and taught me I am very much a carnivore, though I don’t eat as much meat now as I did prior to Lent.

I can’t say the same about sugar, though. Once the Lenten restrictions lifted, I started going after sugar like Augustus Gloop in Wonka’s factory. I became insatiable for chocolate, cake, ice cream and cookies. It was bad. Three or so days after Easter, not only was I few pounds heavier, but I also noticed a fresh crop of nasty pimple had arrived. During my sweets exile, my skin cleared up noticeably. I chalked this up to improved use of the topical treatments my dermatologist gave me.

Nope. It appears the latest chapter in my lifelong struggle with acne is influenced by my sugar (and probably other refined goods) intake. So today is the dawning of a new period in my life. Not only do I want to return to the almost-clear skin I had just a month ago, but I also need to drop weight. A lot of weight. Story of my life.

But anyway, I’ve started out on a nutrition journey that leaves no room for sweets. No cake, no pie, no cookies. I’ll miss you, dear friends, but my face won’t, and neither will my ass.

My latest alter ego. I should have tried smearing chocolate on my face to cover up the zits!


4 thoughts on “detox.

  1. Yay! Fantastic! 🙂

    In my boot camp we eat 6 times a day. 6 proteins the size and width of your palm, 4-5 fruits and veggies and 3-4 carbs. I think the diet (more than the exercise) are helping me shed weight and feel better. You eat that way 6 days a week and have 1 free day to indulge in whatever you want. Surprisingly, I don’t gorge on the crap like I thought I would.

    Sample menu:
    Breakfast – 2 eggs on a whole grain muffin (toasted) w/ a piece of sliced ham
    10 am – 1/2 C Cottage cheese with either blueberries, dried blueberries or fresh blackberries
    Noon – Turkey roll up on whole wheat tortilla with hummus, cucumber, spinach and tomatoes
    3 pm – Snack bar (Zone) or protein shake (powder w/ 8 oz skim milk blended with fresh strawberries or a banana…YUM) or yogurt
    Dinner – Chicken, pork chop or steak, baked sweet potato and asparagus (or broccoli or grilled/steamed veggies of some sort)
    8 pm – String cheese or 24 raw almonds

    Along with 80 oz plus of water a day (and a little hot yoga) my skin has cleared up and my jiggly parts are less jiggly.

    Good luck! Can’t wait to hear how great you feel. You will glow darling!

    • That’s pretty similar to what I’m doing – the first two weeks are lighter on carbs and fruit, to help kickstart the plan, but the meals are up the same alley.
      I’m looking forward to the changes, too – it just takes time to get rid of the cravings. Next time you see me feel free to lay the compliments on – I’m sure I’ll be doing ths same! xo

  2. Hey! I just got into selling an awesome all natural product (no bad stuff…). I know your mom and Shelly bought some so they will be able to tell you how great it is (when they get it Saturday). No dyes, preservatives, no MSG. Grapeseed oil is one of their biggest sellers and it is better for you than Olive oil. let me know if you want more information. We are using this to help transform our diet…Good luck!

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