brain rot.

Yes, I watch the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat II. I love the Housewives of New York (is Jill crazy this season or WHAT?) and New Jersey, though I’ve never watched the CA or GA editions (I have SOME standards). Every week I look forward to Survivor and the Amazing Race and I absolutely adore Top Chef.

It’s embarrassing how much I like reality TV. We have definitely survived a long-term relationship that began the summer after my junior year of high school when MTV started airing the original Real World.  Who wants to listen to a little of Kevin Powell’s spoken word? How about some Reigndance?

Anyway, it’s been a long and rocky road. I’ve got my shame (Temptation Island, anyone?) and there are times when we’ve definitely disagreed (I’ve yet to watch an episode of the Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars – thank God for The Soup!), yet we’ve always come out stronger than before.

And before you get too high and mighty, note that I read several books a month and spend my weekends saving disabled babies from sharks. Okay, well, not the second one.  But I promise despite my reality viewing habits I still have a smidgen of cultural sophistication, I’m just keeping it on the down low for now, in case anyone’s watching.

These skanky broads are one of the best freakshows around. I can't stay away from their table-flipping, boob-enhancing drama.


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