detox update.

So far, I hate detox, but I’m pleased to say I’ve lost some weight. Honestly, I do feel better lately and the positive effects of healthy eating cannot be denied. It’s either that or the return of those nasty New Jersey housewives.

I’ve been using an iPhone app called Lose It! to help me track my caloric intake. I’ve tried the food journal thing before but I can’t be bothered to weigh and measure and figure out the math of calories. For the most part, this method is effortless – I just type what I eat, and the app looks most things up for me. So it’s not so bad. And I’ve found it keeps me honest with myself because I have daily and weekly calorie budgets and I see it on the scale if I don’t adhere to the rules.

So, yeah. Progress. I still desperately want to eat a block of chocolate and wash it down with a steak, but the results keep me motivated.

I know so many marriages that have fallen apart because of dirty dishes.


2 thoughts on “detox update.

  1. Insightful! I hadn’t realized the correlation between the magnitude of dirty glasses and the deterioration of my marriage. Thank you, Dixie!

  2. Your thoughts on journals, weights and measures remarkedly matches mine. I plan to track down that app. Congrats on your hard work! Lasting success will develop when the reason to eat no longer has power, that is your next journey. So very proud of you!

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