tv land.

It’s been a busy, interesting week. I’ve been writing a lot for profit so I don’t really feel like writing for free during my downtime. I am, however, watching some television.

Tuesday’s episode of Lost has my mind spinning – I really, really want to know the name of The Man in Black. Not sure why that’s so important right now, but for some reason it’s driving me crazy. Also, I found the episode to truly be a can of worms. Like Allison Janney’s character said to the twins’ mom, the answers are only leading to new questions. And now there’s only three hours left and I don’t think I’m going to get the information I want.

The skanky, filthy NJ housewives provide Schadenfreude at its finest. Seriously, I have never felt so upstanding and decent as I feel when I watch those women…breathe. Nasty doesn’t begin to cover it.

Also, am I the only person who was sad when the cowboys didn’t win the Amazing Race? And who hopes Russell wins Survivor?

TV's nastiest little imp.


One thought on “tv land.

  1. I loved the cowboys. They learned and grew as a team as they advanced through the game. They were cheerful and fun to watch. I wanted them to win.

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