crush story.

I’m not feeling too hot today so I’ll be brief. I have a tendency to be attracted to, shall we say, non-traditional men, particularly when they are celebrities.  And while Nick Offerman does not have a large nose nor any cooking skills I’m aware of, his character on Parks and Recreation is misanthropic, hilarious and unbelievably surly. Totally my kind of man.

Yes, I'd like some angry cuddle time with you, Ron Swanson.

Also, Parks and Recreation is really funny this season. It was a dud last year, but whatever they put in the Kool-Aid is working and the show is completely redeemed. So watch it.

Sidebar: I am so bummed Russell didn’t win Survivor, but man, did he tank when it came to talking to the jury. Dude can plot and scheme like no one’s business, but he had no eloquence or pizzazz when it came down to the end.

I will say that anyone who feels a reality-tv game show is a platform to talk about honor, integrity or any brand of self-righteous anything is just asking for a giant karma slap. For the last time, America – GOD DOES NOT WATCH TV! I appreciated Russell’s game play because he owned it, didn’t try to twist it into anything outside of the game and did not project any sort of personal identification into his performance on Survivor.

Bitter, bitter Survivor jury members, take note that Russell won fan favorite two seasons in a row. You may think you’ve got integrity, but while Russell is tricking you into losing he’s completely transparent the entire time. He doesn’t apologize, back peddle or kiss ass. And it was apparent that because none of you had the guts to play that way, you couldn’t stand it.


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