what you owe.

Sorry to disappoint, but I suppose this post is really just my to-do list for the week.

First off, don’t say ANYTHING about Lost. We haven’t seen it yet but will watch it tonight.

I’m heading out to see a client today who is also a professional masseuse (and friend). I scratch her back, she rubs mine. It’s a beautiful relationship. 

Wednesday I’m meeting up with a former colleague to give her some insight and advice into the wonderful world of freelance. She’s one of those radiant people who always makes you feel better about yourself just by being around her. I’m flattered she’s asking me for any sort of help.

Wednesday I’m also going to meet my friend Lindsay’s baby boy!

Hm, what else aside from slaving away at my computer? I can say I paid off two credit cards this week. Sure, they were very small, but they’re paid and it feels soooo good to remove them from my budget.

Jason and I were talking about the idea of debt and what we owe to other people this weekend. I don’t think we owe someone a debt for doing what they’re supposed to do. I do think we owe respect and courtesy to everyone, but love is not an obligation, nor does it create an obligation, right? I mean, I understand sacrifice and all, but I wouldn’t want people doing things for me just because they felt forced into it. Maybe I’m weird?

Finally, you won’t see my shadow or hear a peep from me tomorrow. I’ll be curled up with my Kindle all day.

It's always so bittersweet when something you love ends.


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