call me brenda.

So, while last week’s ENT appointment and MRI found my brain tumor-free, the visit did give me the gift of a summer cold. This one is a doozy – achey bones and muscles, watery eyes, stuffed up nose and a chest cough. And while sometimes when I get a cold my voice gets all hoarse and Kathleen Turner-y, so I don’t mind as much, this time I sound like Brenda Vaccaro after a sandpaper bender. Not pretty. In fact, it’s a little scary.

I know Brenda from her work in Supergirl and Midnight Cowboy (two films often uttered in the same breath) - I wasn't aware she had such an active life as a celebrity tampon endorser.


One thought on “call me brenda.

  1. please take this down time to acquaint yourself with the top ten celebrity tampon endorsers. I don’t have time to re-educate you on this.

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